Born in Shizuoka, Japan into a creative family, Shoko was always inspired by her mother to innovate. Realizing her passion for design, she decided to attend Sugino Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan to major in fashion design. After 4 years and with a degree in hand, she decided it was time to see the rest of the world. In 2012 she moved to New York City where the hustle and bustle of the city fueled her inspiration further. In 2013 she took on the challenge of jewelry design and fell in love. Her desire to create led her to Brooklyn Metal Works and in 2015 she released her new metals line.

1989年静岡県生まれ。幼い頃から、裁縫好きの母の影響で物作りを始める。2008年ファションデザイナーに憧れ杉野服飾大学へ進学。その後、4年間を東京で過ごす。在学中からもっと世界を見てみたいと感じる様になり、2012年卒業と同時に単身New Yorkへと渡る。様々な文化や人々と出会う中で、物作りの面白さを再確認する。2013年独学でジュエリー作りを始める。その後、Brooklynのスタジオでメタルキャスティングを学び2015年より新たなラインをスタート。